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Australian Made Trailers

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Trailers Supplies is a proudly Australian owned and operated Business that provides premium quality Australian made trailers able to carry heavy loads no matter the distance. Here at Trailer Supplies we pride ourselves on being the leading providers of reliable options such as entirely Australian made trailers that are the ones preferred by businesses and companies around the country. Here at Trailer Supplies, we make the most resistant and premium quality Australian made trailers in the market, years of experience have allowed us to get to know the needs of Australian businesses more in-depth so we have adapt our Australian made trailers to what businesses require.

Here at Trailer Supplies, we offer the most competitive prices for Australian made trailers you will find in the country. All our vehicles are made with the sole purpose of satisfying our customers’ needs and exceling all expectations. Another relevant feature about our Australian made trailers is the remarkable galvanised coating they have, the best coating available in the market that assures your Australian made trailer will look just as it were new. At Trailer Supplies, we pride ourselves on being the best solution for transportation problems businesses may have.

For any enquiries or questions, we have a great quality customer service team that will assist you and walk you through the entire process of acquisition of Australian made trailers. At Trailer Supplies we differ from other businesses because we look forward to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction by providing the best and most reliable Australian made trailers made in order to fulfil all your requirements and provide you with a long-lasting and heavy duty solution.


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Trailer Supplies proud to be Australia’s leading supplier of the best range of car trailers.
We offer variety, with a range than ensures there is something to meet the needs of everyone, from the smallest jobs to the biggest.





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